If you’ve been attending Corner the last 4 months, you’ve likely heard the news that we’re expanding our service time options.

We will begin offering a Saturday night service at 5:00pm starting Saturday, March 31, 2018.

There’s a number of reasons that the third service time seemed necessary, and our prayer is that it continues to open up opportunities for God to continuing using His people at Corner to impact our communities greater.

  1. To make room.

    In the past year and a half, we’ve seen God bless Corner in ways that can only be attributed to His grace. With the continued growth, there has been a continued need for us to ensure that our leadership, facilities and programs are operating in a way that can accommodate the additional people.

    We’re also making room for God to continue to move. We moved on faith when we started the building process of our current sanctuary, knowing that God would help provide the funds and people necessary to make that happen, and we sit now every week in that sanctuary provided by God, debt free, knowing that He’s not done yet. We believe the next step in our growth and further ability to reach into our communities is firstly expanding our service times to accommodate our growing congregation, and to continue offering further opportunities for those individuals to get plugged in at CBC.

  2. To give additional opportunities for you to serve.

    One of the reasons we originally went to two Sunday morning services was to give more people an opportunity to server, whereas they could serve during one service, and worship during the second. Doing so has allowed those who call Corner home the opportunity to use their God-given gifts in a way that builds and edifies the body, while still allowing them still a weekly opportunity to worship alongside others at Corner.

  3. To give additional opportunities for you to worship.

    We have an amazing group of individuals that currently serve at Corner. We also knew that by offering a service on Saturdays that it would further give opportunities to those individuals who continue to serve on Sunday mornings, often during both services, that option of attending Saturday evening to be able to partake in corporate worship with the body.


Our hope is that through any of the service dates and times, that you’re able to connect at Corner in a way that is not only feeding you spiritually and allowing you to personally grow, but that also challenges you and gives opportunities for you to get connected at the church serving in a way that God has gifted you to.

We hope you’ll join us Sundays, and now Saturday evenings, as we continue to journey through life together learning how to better love, reach and disciple our communities.