CBC Internships: A General View

The Corner Bible Internship is a 1 year commitment (June to June) from our church to steward, challenge, and develop those who feel a call into the field of ministry. There are also opportunities for graduating seniors to partake in a 3-month (June-August) section of this internship before attending college.

Interns will serve alongside our team in a specific ministry area. The interns will be focused in on both practical and spiritual development. Spiritual
development will take place within a 1 on 1 context and be governed by the call to minister located in 1 Timothy and Titus.

Ministry area (tracks) assignments are made in partnership with the intern and are based on the needs of the ministry area, the intern’s experience, and his or her desired ministry future.


We desire to prepare and educate simultaneously, to ensure that each intern has the ability and knowledge to effectively and competently lead within a ministry. As an intern you will participate in, lead, and are responsible for significant and real-life ministry experience.

Ministry mentoring will be a two part process. There will be the practical and the personal development focus.

Practically, each intern will meet weekly with their track leader to discuss their ministry area progress (for future assignments), ensure professional growth, and provide the intern every opportunity to gain the competencies needed for the practical aspect of full-time ministry.

Personally, each intern will meet weekly with their intern coach to support their sanctification and personal accountability in their relationship with Christ. This is more about who you are than what you do.

The leadership development curriculum creates an interactive classroom environment designed to lead interns toward valuable insight into what the scripture calls out of us as stewards of the Gospel and people.

We believe that the love experienced in a healthy staff culture is more “caught” than “taught,” and you benefit greatly from participating in a thriving and healthy staff culture.

Our staff culture includes weekly staff meetings, some staff lunches, and other potential staff events. Within our environment you will pick up how our culture is led by the Holy Spirit and stewarded by each member within.


 Application Process

Step 1a

Download and complete your online application.

Internship Application Form

Step 1b

Download and complete these three recommendation forms as part of your online application.


Step 2

Download and complete the questionnaire. You will upload as part of your application.




Accepting Applications: January 1 – March 31

Elders Pray Over: March 31 – April 15

Notify Applicants: April 15-31

First Day at CBC: June 12