There are several really helpful tools Corner Bible Church has set up for its church family.  They range from helping us get immersed into God’s Word and having the sermon notes at our fingertips (YouVersion Bible App) to making sure we know what big happenings and group meetings are upcoming (Church Calendar) to helping us learn the names, faces, and addresses of this big, beautiful family of believers we all so love being a part of (Instant Church Directory).  The latter of these tools is what we will be providing a “How To” Guide on in this post.

Instant Church Directory

Instant Church Directory is accessible via smartphone app or through the company’s website.  Only other people in Corner Bible Church’s directory will have the ability to see your information and you are not required to share more than your name and email address if you so choose.  An email address is required though as that is how you are allowed to start an account and how your account is linked to the correct church directory. The beauty of Instant Church Directory is that as people are added or addresses and pictures need to be changed, the app/website will automatically refresh with any changes since the last time you logged in.

Getting Started

The first step is to get your name and email into Corner Bible Church’s Instant Church Directory.  From there you can create an account using that same email address.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

The easiest way is to fill out a short informational form found here  on our church website. When you submit the form it will go to our directory manager, Jane Woldring, who will get you into the system within a few days.

From this point you simply follow the instructions found here for the Mobile App on iPhone, iPad.

For instructions for the mobile app on Android and Kindle devices, follow the directions here.

For instructions to login via the website, follow the directions here.

You’re also welcome to contact CBC directly to supply your family’s information and our staff will be sure to get it added, if you’d prefer.

Updating Your Information

If you are already in Instant Church Directory (as 180 families are!!!) and would like to update your family picture, acknowledge your family has grown by one, or need to change your address, there is now a convenient “Corrections and Photos” item at the very top of the directory that will provide you with Jane’s phone number and email address where you can text or email her the updated information.

Finally, if you don’t use the internet or a smartphone, it is possible for us to get you a printed copy of the directory.  Please contact CBC for further details if you’d prefer this route.

Please comment below if you have a question about Instant Church Directory that is not answered in this “How To” Guide and, next time you see Jane, make sure you express how grateful we all are for the time and effort she puts into keeping us up to date through Instant Church Directory.  She is a huge blessing to our church family!