In May 2018, we as a church released a book entitled Nothing Hidden (You can read the original post here). Within the pages of this book are the real life stories from members in our church.

Stories of deliverance from shame, despair, pain, and addictions. Stories of redemption in the hardest of life’s circumstances.

It is a book that we as a church believe in because in many ways we all see ourselves in these accounts. Jesus has found us in the midst of our darkness and brought us into a kingdom of light.

Since May, this book has been passed around Allegan. It has been delivered to 833 homes in the Allegan community! And has been read and passed on to many neighbors and relatives. God has been moving through this book in our community, showing that the church is not made up of perfect people, but messed up people that have discovered redemption.

Here is a map of where the book has gone so far:



We are amazed at what God has done with Nothing Hidden, and we are excited for what He will continue to do in the future. With the help of committed monthly donors we remain steadfast in our hope to reach every household across our target zones of Allegan, then moving to Fennville, and finally blanketing Hamilton.

Getting Involved

Would you consider intentionally joining this effort through praying over the specific houses that receive the testimony books each month and/or by financially supporting the distribution of Nothing Hidden?

The process to become a monthly donor is simple, safe, and can be cancelled at any time.

To sponsor the books , visit and select MI-Fennville-CornerBibleChurch-NothingHidden from the drop down list of church testimony books.  From there, just answer a few short questions about exactly what sort of monthly contribution you are interested in and press SUBMIT.

All donations through this sponsorship of books is tax deductible.

Nothing Hidden has provided our church community a unique opportunity to enter directly into 833 homes spreading the good news of a loving Savior able to meet each of us right where we are.  While these stories have already been in the hands of thousands of people from all walks of life in the midst of all forms of brokenness, the journey of OUR fearless testimony, Nothing Hidden, is really just beginning to pick up steam.

The story of redemption not only continues; we’re seeing it grow!