My sister is an amazing artist. So amazing, in fact, that all through high school my art teacher would reference her work as he described upcoming projects. I was always proud but there was one piece in particular that was my favorite; it was a sculpture of a panicked chicken running from an evil sharp toothed KFC box bent on its demise. It was clever and cute all in one, so I wasn’t surprised when the teacher showed a picture of it to my classmates as an example of our next project. I was, however, surprised by what he said, “This is a project from a former student that represents animal cruelty in the food business.” I remember feeling shocked and looking around the classroom but, of course, no one else found this odd. You see because I knew my sister, I knew she did in fact love chicken……. extra crispy dipped in ranch and I knew the real story behind the art was simply, “I thought it was funny.” The idea that she was some animal activist was so absurd I felt like the teacher would start laughing any second, except he didn’t, because even though she was a favorite student of his, he did not know her.

The world is full of deceptions. In Colossians 2:16-23 Paul was trying to warn Colosse about false teachings going on in the church. Many leaders were bringing their worldviews into their teachings and leading people astray. Today we experience the same thing. There are so many churches, speakers, and books out there it has become easy to tailor Christianity to our preferences verse truth. So how do we combat this? How do we find tangible truth in a world full of shadows? The answer is simple; you must know God and have Christ at the center of your life.

You see when I was sitting in that class, I was the only one not duped by the teacher. I could not be fooled by his narrative because I had a close personal relationship with my sister, the creator of the artwork. I have seen her eat and enjoy all kinds of meats, I knew she wasn’t really a lover of animals at all, so it was very easy for me to spot the lie. We need to know our Creator in order to understand His creation. In order to know him we must seek Him, He promises in His word that if we seek Him, we will find Him. The best part is He has given us everything we need in order to know Him; the scriptures, they are His living word. When we read the bible and place Christ at the center of our lives, He will help us discern the meaning, when we have His words written on the tablet of our hearts, we will easily be able to spot lies from false teachers or even our own twisted worldviews.

I often think about how hard it would be to navigate this world without truth. How stressful it would be to have to define it myself and I can see the chaos as people influenced by every shifting breeze try to define it; I am so unbelievably thankful that God did not leave us to decide what is true. Instead, he gave us a direct map to follow and with that map comes so much peace. Peace, that surpasses understanding. If you are lacking peace, if you are feeling the weight of the world, I urge you to pick up your bible and put Christ at the center of your life, let Him guide and teach you to walk in His ways.