John 11 and John 12

It last happened a moment prior to the distinct thuds of a floor well-percussed by our persistent gymnast. The well-known sound of laughter, age 10 abruptly faded along with “Rated TV-Y-7” Dude Perfect antics back to black. It was like thunder rolled in angry in pursuit of a violent lightning stab and then it finally happened; the power died. This is when life got serious for our 6 year old and I heard her instant deviance from independence with:

“Daddy, can you walk me back from the bathroom, everything is so dark!”

“Honey, try not to focus on the darkness and allow your eyes to focus on what light there is to gather,” I told Eden—the same thing passed along to our 10 year old years prior.

“But I’m scared,” she replied.

“Listen honey, trust me, everything there when the lights are on are still there now. If you listen to my voice and follow the light you can see all the way back to me, you will do just fine.”

Similar to John exploring the connections of Christ metaphorically and directly to “life,” over thirty times, his use of the concepts of light and darkness parallel ancient Jewish idioms. Idioms setting God and His Will with light juxtaposed the patterns of the world, the flesh and the devil with darkness. John 11 and John 12 delve into life lived in the light versus the alternative. And our alternative, it seems, hits much more close to home than just the idea that darkness is the evil spiritual life to shun and the light one of pursuit. We are certainly to pursue life “in the day,” and avoid its flip side, but the light is to be pursued when it is distinguished from the world (the dark) and realized only as such when it is found within the self.

Jesus points out to his followers that life lived in the day is life that is lived in the timing and will of the Father. For us today, we can only live out in real-time the will and timing of God if His Spirit lives within us to help us discern His Will and timing for all things, along with the knowledge and ability to “walk in the light” that John 12 touches on.

Just like my daughter wandering and overwhelmed by so much darkness, forgetting that she knew both the sound of my voice and the light that surrounded where she needed to be, many of us look primarily to what we see and feel or whatever thing seems most overwhelming. Rather, if we were to pour into the Word of God allowing it to prepare space within us for The Spirit, His voice will sound so familiar and His light so vivid that we will be able to follow wherever we may be.

So what darkness do you find still shadows your life? How have you allowed the Word of God to enter those places? Where, when, and with what message is the voice of the Good Shepherd guiding you? What light still emanates in your deepest valleys showing you the way?

The darkness will try to distract. Will try to cloud. Will seek to overwhelm. However, where light meets darkness, light always overcomes. Always.

If you are in need of prayer or help as you seek His Voice and focus on His Light through His Word please leave the prayer request in the comment section below or reach out to our Pastors through here.