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The Dust Kingdom

As I write this, I sit in a crowded coffee shop. People are laughing in conversations, baristas whisk about their duties, cooks prepare sandwiches, and customers stand in line awaiting their orders. The crazy reality is despite all of this life, vitality, and energy which courses through this cafe today, this establishment will one day—whether near or in the distant future—be a vacant building. Cobwebs will own the space, until […]

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What Then Shall We do

We live in a divided society. This is not new news to us as it is bold and in our faces in the media, our workplaces, families, neighborhoods, and even churches. Division fuels the political climate; without division, candidates would have little on which to campaign. People much smarter than me are predicting civil war in the US before the decade is completed. Within the church, people disagree and disassociate […]

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Preparing for an Emergency

I am a martial arts instructor. Because the sport I teach is physically active and involves a lot of skin-to-skin contact, injuries of varying degrees are quite common. I have to be prepared in what to do in the event that such an injury occurs; knowing where ice packs are, how to check for broken bones, how to wrap/elevate a sprain, protocol for informing parents about their child’s injury, etc. […]

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Truth and Light

I’ve become quite lame in my old age. Growing up I was always a fan of rides and rollercoasters; the scarier, the higher, the faster— the better. I’m not sure when or how this changed. I just know two years ago, I walked a million stairs with my daughter, Graycen, while hauling a huge water tube only to have a panic attack half way down.

The beginning of the water slide […]

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God’s Sovereignty Over the Secular

It’s easy in today’s day and age to look around and see chaos. Families are in turmoil, cities are devastated by social problems that seem unfixable, and sometimes it’s hard to see God’s sovereignty through it all. It’s hard to see his sovereignty in a government set on aborting babies and creating new “truth”. It’s hard to see his sovereignty in mass shootings around the nation. It’s hard to see […]

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Expectations of Glory

This past weekend, as I was driving to Grand Rapids for a family event, I heard an interview on the radio that gave me pause. The program during which the interview took place was the Voice of the Martyrs, and the interviewee was a pastor who had been ministering to the persecuted church in various parts of the world. During the interview, the question was asked, “how do you pray […]

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