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Dressing in Holiness

I have been thinking about how God made the universe with a perfect Order that He structured into all of Creation, and how it can be seen in every part of our lives. The order that was perfect before Adam and Eve ate of the fruit in the Garden, but after that moment of disobedience was twisted and distorted by sin. I am continuously reminded of God’s promise to us […]

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Holy week is full of incredible truths to search out and experience. We could discuss at length the traditional Israelite feasts that the Lord instructed them to celebrate as holy convocations. They are His appointed feasts, belonging to Him. The springtime feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, and the Feast of Weeks (Lev 23) all are fulfilled by Christ’s life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. If you haven’t done a […]

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“For God so greatly loved ME, that He gave His only Son, that if I believed in Him, I wouldn’t perish but have eternal life.”  Jn 3:16 [Emphasis & word adjustments mine]

How do you pick a favorite scene when a two-hour movie has you smiling, laughing, and crying all the way through?

We were in Florida in February when Jesus Revolution hit the theaters. We went opening day.

My favorite scene …

opens on a […]

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God’s Purpose in Gender

I recently did some research on Malawi, a small country located in southwestern Africa, to get a bit acquainted with the culture before embarking on a mission trip this summer. In one of the videos I watched, they showed footage of some childcare centers in the country. The leaders and workers discussed how important the development of young children would be to build up Malawi society, which led to a […]

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Persevering for a Lifetime

Escaping for two weeks from Michigan’s February gray for a dose of Florida sunshine, we slipped back into Hebrews class Sunday delighted to be with our church family again. We joke about how long Pastor Nick has been leading us through the book of Hebrews. But none of us care. We are drinking in every drop of this anointed teaching.

Before we left for our trip, we had just finished the […]

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The Remnant

It’s not often that I have the title of something I’m writing about before I have even started the composition. Usually it’s the other way around. But this past week this word and a handful of scriptures were resonating with me. And I don’t want it to simply be this far-off idea. My heart’s desire is that the Holy Spirit grows this into a lifestyle for my family and the […]

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