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I was a garbage employee, once upon a time. I would like to excuse myself by saying I was in my twenties with no intention of making a career out of my desk job and Pinterest was a brand new thing and we were all in a bit deep for a minute… However, the reality is, I was selfish. I didn’t start out that way, actually, at the […]

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Suffering Well

One of the most distinct ways the world sees Christ through his church is the way in which we suffer. For most of us, suffering is not something we look forward to. In fact, most of us respond to suffering or “tribulation” with a “Fight or Flight” mentality.

I remember being newly married to my wife Holly, and realizing that there were things about her, the way she did things, and […]

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It is possible to be totally right and still be wrong. 

It is possible to have the right answers and still miss the point as to why the answers were spoken into existence in the first place. That is what is happening here in Revelation 2 – in the letter to the church of Ephesus:

“I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear […]

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Killer Bees and Guillotines

Revelation has always been an interesting book to me. I remember as a kid reading Jerry Jenkin’s Left Behind series, and feeling the existential horror of killer bees and earthquakes and guillotines and oceans turning to blood. In fact, if most of us think of the book of Revelation, we may think of dark images such as these. There are many pictures that are […]

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Where You Stand

A forest ranger listens from the next room to her father, Mr. Meachum, telling a group of neighborhood children his legendary encounter with a giant, green dragon in the woods. As the children’s eyes are undone from the amazing, perilous climax, the man’s story is interrupted by a particular forest ranger.
“Scaring the kids again, dad?” she says.

“No, No, No…” he says smiling at his daughter. “I was just giving them […]

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Sometimes the obstacles in front of us feel insurmountable. The raging rapids of the river echoes laughter at our inaction as we stand on the banks. And yet, as we look at the those hellish waves that threaten to tear us to ribbons, we swallow the knot that rests in our throats. We close our eyes and hear the reverberations of a command “go make disciples”, but our eyes are […]

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