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Nothing Hidden: An Update

In May 2018, we as a church released a book entitled Nothing Hidden (You can read the original post here). Within the pages of this book are the real life stories from members in our church.

Stories of deliverance from shame, despair, pain, and addictions. Stories of redemption in the hardest of life’s circumstances.

It is a book that we as a church believe in because in many ways we all see ourselves […]

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Instant Church Directory: A How To

There are several really helpful tools Corner Bible Church has set up for its church family.  They range from helping us get immersed into God’s Word and having the sermon notes at our fingertips (YouVersion Bible App) to making sure we know what big happenings and group meetings are upcoming (Church Calendar) to helping us learn the names, faces, and addresses of […]

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As I write this, I am sitting at a table nestled by a window at a coffee shop in Otsego, Michigan. For the past couple hours I have seen a multitude of people pass by. I have always liked watching people. Somewhere during my time in college I stopped seeing people only skin deep. When I look at them now I see wells. Wells of hopes and dreams, failures and […]

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