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Pilgrim’s Process

I think the hardest person to minister to is the worldly Christian. In contrast, loving those who disagree with the Christian faith is simple because their stance is clear, marked in the sand and it provides a starting point for conversations. Ministering to those who are caught in the clutches of sin and are grasping to be free are able to be rescued because they see their need. But the […]

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The Wages are Death

The sixth hour had come.

Midday was upon the hill outside of Jerusalem. Three hours of being crucified. The three darkest were yet to come.

It was time to pour out fully the cursed cup for Jesus to drink. The spotless Lamb was imputed a concentration of sin this world had never seen. The
Lamb of God became the scapegoat of man. Never a more disgraceful and unholy creature was there for the […]

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Change in Desire

This week, we jumped into the book of 1 John. As we talked about in our introduction to the book, there are a lot of topics that are present in the letter. However, the theme that permeates the text is that of abiding in Jesus. John writes this letter because the idea abiding in Jesus is being washed away by the harmful gnostic thought of the day. This idea posited […]

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By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth (Psalm 33:6)

It has been a challenge for my family to live by a completely new set of rules. I’m sure you can relate. It’s an understatement in many ways to say that God has shuffled things around so much in life that we have had to make adjustments. However, life hasn’t […]

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More Than Child’s Play

The History, Symbolism, and Teaching of Easter Egg Hunts

16th century Protestant Reformer Martin Luther is believed to have been the first Christian leader known to hold Easter Egg Hunts. Easter and eggs go back centuries earlier, though. Throughout the medieval period eggs were one of the foods required to be fasted for the 40 days of Lent. Easter Sunday broke the fast with a joyful feast in which eggs played […]

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A Season for Fruit

Journal Entry:

Quarantine day 10035…. The locals are growing restless, demands are on the rise, outside influencers have been on high attack. Food & essentials are getting more difficult to come by. As days pass, hysteria continues to increase.

Does this sound a little bit like a sci-fi movie or maybe a dystopian book to you? If I’m honest, this is a little bit of my irrational thinking that has begun to creep […]

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