Corner Community


I once knew a church in a part of Michigan that claimed to reach their entire town for the cause of Christ.

They lauded that they had gone door to door to every house in town, and every person in every home had claimed that they had accepted Christ as their savior or prayed with the church’s representatives to accept Christ as their savior. The church was ecstatic about this realization. […]

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The Suit of Armor for Everyone

“Remember who you are.”

My dad would say before we ran out of the house as teenagers. Years later I finally started to understand what he meant with those seeds planted and how it began to inform and shape how and why I loved my neighbor. After all, this fits the “golden rule” we heard Jesus recite in the Luke passage from which—in part—Pastor Rich has preached […]

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The Indispensables

Jesus really upset them this time.

He upended their tables.  He turned their questions meant to trap Him into condemnation on their own unbelief and false teaching.  He preached a parable that showed their evil intentions and how they would ultimately fail.  And now a single teacher of the law who had been listening intently stepped forward with a honest question, a good question:  “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” […]

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At the Heart of Prayer and Fasting

When I lived in Africa, I met a woman who ignored her dying child. We were ministering to people in the mission hospital when we happened upon a woman in the children’s ward. Her infant was hooked up to half a dozen machines and had a dozen tubes protruding from the small body. The doctors had told us that there was nothing that could be done to save the child. So they were […]

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From intrigued to ingrained

The Christian life is more than believing a list of facts on a creed. It’s more than sitting in church. It’s more than experiencing amazing worship and raising your hands. It’s more than “giving up” your Sunday mornings and tithing a piece of your salary.

True Christianity is living a life submitted.

Many times in our individualized, American culture today, being a Christian is often more focused and catered to the consumer. […]

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The Light Among Us

John 11 and John 12

It last happened a moment prior to the distinct thuds of a floor well-percussed by our persistent gymnast. The well-known sound of laughter, age 10 abruptly faded along with “Rated TV-Y-7” Dude Perfect antics back to black. It was like thunder rolled in angry in pursuit of a violent lightning stab and then it finally happened; the power died. This is when life got serious for […]

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