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Spiritual gifts aren’t so much a destination as they are tools for the journey.

That is a thought that has gone through my head as we have traveled through the topic of spiritual gifts. I am sure it has stepped on many of our toes as it has maybe challenged our upbringings and preconceived notions. […]

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Consumer or member?

Sometimes I have a hard time telling the difference between the church and the movie theater. And not for the reason you might expect. It is not because I find the services of the church to be too focused on showmanship. Actually, it is the mindset of the people that gets me. People are so content to come and sit in the service, bring their snacks, hear the sermon and […]

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The abundance of ministry

God continues to bless His people in ways we can’t explain. Lord willing, as CBC’s ministry continues to grow, our continued prayer is that we remain faithful to His truth, and dedicated to growth and expansion of His kingdom, and part of that is through the growth & discipleship of His people who call CBC home so that we all can be effective vessels of ministry in our communities and […]

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