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A Better Door; A Better Window

Small enough that my fingers could still form two white knuckled death-grips around the bright orange shag carpet in our living room, my eyes dried out almost completely, securely fastening my pupils to the bright blur of one man on the other side of the television screen. He seemed faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive and he was suited up in superhero-like armor of “Honolulu […]

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If we take a few minutes to think about it, few of us would deny that we are living in a culture that is obsessed with entertainment and amusement. The movie, television, and video gaming industries along with recreational activities such as travel, golf, hunting, and fishing all offer opportunities for escape from the pressures and cares of everyday life. And let’s not forget our fascination with professional and college […]

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Highlight Reel

As a coach and avid sports fan, I really enjoy watching game films.  But, the film I watch as a coach is much different from the film I watch as a fan.

As a coach, I watch films of the upcoming opponent.  Through their game film, I see their strengths and weaknesses, tendencies and schemes.  I see their strongest players, weakest players, and everything in between.  I see the way they […]

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Bridge over troubled water

Pastor Rich did a great job this past Sunday, describing how Diema processed the losses in her life through lament. He used the illustration of how bridges span obstacles, and Diema’s lament went from grief to hope and back again, as if she were crossing a bridge.

The following is a bit of what my bridge walk looks like. I say “looks” because God has taken me on a journey that […]

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Sometimes it takes losing everything to know you have all you need.

We as humans are known to suffer from tunnel vision. We get our eyes set on our goals, securities, families, hobbies, and dreams. And in our chasing of these things we often mold them into things that they were never intended to be. Families that God made to cherish and nurture become twisted idols that we resent when they […]

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Unbearable. That is the word that comes to mind when I look back on my seasons of lament. Jeremiah, in Lamentations 1:20 says it like this, “…I am in distress; my stomach churns; my heart is wrung within me…” When I read those words it’s like I can feel the memory of it. I will never forget the sorrow and brokenness that comes when you hit rock bottom. For me, […]

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