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Potato-Head Man

This year has quickly become known as the “year of the virus”—a reality-warping, news-dominating and seemingly unrelenting force labeled: “COVID-19,” or “Coronavirus.” It will go down in my mind as the year in which the absence of toilet paper sent an alarming signal to my brain (and this was not only in the shopping aisle at Walmart). Like the one that blares internally after sitting in a public restroom on discovery of a useless tube of […]

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Faith in Frustration

During these uncertain and tumultuous times in our world, it can be easy to be caught up in the negative; for fear to reign instead of Jesus. What I love about the Bible is that it is full of stories of people wrestling through troubling seasons. The Bible never veers away from pain and anxiety, as if those who love God will not face it, but it shows the lives […]

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Maturity in Discipleship

Pastor Davis challenged us on Sunday to live a life worth replicating in active up(ward), across(lateral), and down(ward) discipleship relationships. My aim through this post is to provide you with a list of qualities and understandings of faith one should filter through potential or existing discipleship relationships to help gauge their knowledge, wisdom, and maturity presently.  Through this vetting we can guard ourselves from false teachers and gain confidence […]

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Our Certain God in Uncertain Times

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Out of control? Perhaps a little unstable and uncertain while events keep popping up that change the timeline in the blink of an eye?

I’ve been there. I am there more often than most. What’s a momma to do? How do I keep these humans from attacking each other? Is it even possible to feed them all while maintaining a clean environment? Do I really have to […]

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I once knew a church in a part of Michigan that claimed to reach their entire town for the cause of Christ.

They lauded that they had gone door to door to every house in town, and every person in every home had claimed that they had accepted Christ as their savior or prayed with the church’s representatives to accept Christ as their savior. The church was ecstatic about this realization. […]

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The Suit of Armor for Everyone

“Remember who you are.”

My dad would say before we ran out of the house as teenagers. Years later I finally started to understand what he meant with those seeds planted and how it began to inform and shape how and why I loved my neighbor. After all, this fits the “golden rule” we heard Jesus recite in the Luke passage from which—in part—Pastor Rich has preached […]

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